How Do Biological Washing Powders Work? | | Logical Science- biological washing powder ecology ,Biological washing powders contain enzymes, which are proteins that speed up reactions in living organisms, often to break things into smaller pieces, and sometimes to join things together. They are the vital ingredient in the digestion of food, found in our mouths, stomachs and intestines.Bio Vs Non-Bio Washing Powder - Which?Biological washing powders, liquids and capsules differ from non-biological versions both in their ingredients and in how they remove stains. Many people think non-biological washing-powder is kinder to sensitive skin than biological detergents. But is that belief backed up by scientific research?

Which chemical test shows the presence of an enzyme in a ...

Biological washing powder mean it contained enzyme that targeting specific type of stain such as protein, starch and fat by breaking down and make it dispersed through water easier at lower ...

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